To assist you with going live on C19 CONTROL quickly, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: What is C19 CONTROL?

A: C19 CONTROL is a free app and web-based portal that records and reports COVID-19 status and PPE use supporting carers, care providers and public health professionals in all care settings such as domiciliary care, residential care, reablement and supported living.

Q: How much does C19 CONTROL cost?

A: Created by everyLIFE, the C19 CONTROL app is completely free to download on Google Play and App Store, with no in-app purchases or hidden costs.

Q: Is this software suitable for domiciliary care?

A: C19 CONTROL was developed for all care settings, including domiciliary, live-in and residential care, to accurately record and report on COVID-19 status in real time. This service is perfect for homecare as it enables care workers to immediately asses the COVID-19 status of a care receiver.

Q: Does it work for live-in carers?

A: Yes. C19 CONTROL can be used very effectively by carers providing live-in care.

Q: How can we use this to benefit our homecare business?

A: Reporting COVID-19 status of your service users will help to keep them safe and determine the level of care they need to receive at the right time. The PPE reports will also help to ensure the safety of carers and other health professionals.

Q: Can it be used for residential care?

A: Yes. C19 CONTROL has been developed for use in all care settings including residential care to record and report COVID-19 status and PPE use of carers and other healthcare professionals.

Q: Is this software suitable for social care management?

A: Yes. C19 CONTROL will provide social care management with real- time information on COVID-19 status of services users and care-givers and provide PPE usage and availability.

Q: How secure is C19 CONTROL?

A: C19 CONTROL has been developed using the latest security measures.

Q: What is a COVID-19 status?

A: COVID-19 status is the stage in which services users and healthcare professionals are currently at. This is tracked on C19 CONTROL as: No Symptoms, Showing Symptoms, Testing, Diagnoses Confirmed.

Q: What is a COVID-19 dependency level?

A: COVID-19 dependency levels determine the level of care the service user requires. This is tracked on C19 CONTROL as: Low, Medium and High.

Q: Can we report on PPE stock levels and use in C19 CONTROL?

A: Yes. PPE use and availability can be tracked using the mobile app or desktop. Users are able to list the availability of: Facemasks, Aprons, Disposable Gowns, Gloves, Eye Protection and Hand Sanitiser.

Q: Does this service integrate with PASS?

A: PASS has its own PPE and symptom tracking functionality for customers.

Q: Does this support digital care planning?

A: Yes. Using C19 CONTROL for tracking COVID-19 Status and PPE use, you will be able to plan your day to day care effectively and ensure the safety of services users and staff.

Q: Does this software have enterprise reporting?

A: It is possible to access a multi-office dashboard. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Is C19 CONTROL easy to use?

A: Yes. C19 CONTROL is very easy to navigate and simple to use.

Q: Can I access C19 CONTROL through my mobile and desktop?

A: Yes. The service provides a web portal and both iOS and Android apps.

Q: How does C19 CONTROL track PPE use?

A: The PPE-specific page within the app allows you to update PPE use and stock levels, and personalise PPE items.

Q: Does C19 CONTROL work on iOS and Android devices?

A: It does. C19 CONTROL is available on the App Store and Google Play, as well as on a web portal.

Q: Is it really 100% free?

A: Yes! Free for carers and care providers with no hidden costs.  

Q: How long does it take to implement C19 CONTROL? 

A: Our fast-track registration allows you to be using C19 CONTROL in less than an hour. 


C19 CONTROL is brilliant. I have been telling everyone I know to use it!

– Caremark Wandsworth  

I have been using C19 CONTROL and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

– Pebbles Healthcare  

We have been using the PPE features within C19 CONTROL and we really like the app.

– Expertise Healthcare