HOW TO USE C19forms

We’ve created an extension, called C19forms, which will auto-populate the information required by the ‘Update the CQC on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)’ online form so that you don’t have to! 

C19forms is a free service and if you would like to go ahead and start using it, all you need to do is have and use C19 control, read the data sharing information below, click the button at the bottom, and then follow the link to the extension in the chrome store. Then follow these steps to get underway.

Step 1.

Download the Chrome extension by following the link to the Chrome Store page and then clicking add to Chrome.

Step 2.

Log into C19 control with your log in credentials to allow C19forms to access the data it needs

Step 3.

Open the CQC online form titled Update CQC on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)

With these steps complete, C19forms will auto populate the fields on the form. It really is that easy. If you would like any more information please or contact any of our customer facing teams and they will be able to help you


C19forms is intended to help expedite the process for filling in the required information by using data already entered in C19 Control. The pre-population of the PPE is based on a calculation informed by previous updates recorded in the system. This is intended to be indicative and it is the users’ responsibility to review and amend based on known variables within the care service that have a bearing on the usage of PPE. everyLIFE takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the values submitted.

  • Sustaining high quality care services through digital
  • Improving outcomes
  • Providing real-time insight into care delivery
  • Comprehensive and auditable record of all care delivery
  • Increasing staff morale and retention.
Suitable for:
  • Care services
  • Commissioners
  • Senior Health and Care leaders
  • Regulator